At 911 Industrial, we are committed to providing industry-leading medical, safety, rescue and security services of the highest quality, while fostering a safe and supportive workplace for our employees.

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911 Industrial?

You can count on us to deliver consistent quality services for any aspect of your projects. From our inception in 2003 with 3 medical units, we have grown our fleet to over 100 medical units, 30 H2S Safety Trailers, 3 operation bases and company provided staff housing in Alberta and British Columbia. Providing specialized medical, technical rescue, safety and security services coverage, we are able to scale our services for any operation while operating a fleet of modern pickups, breathing air trailers, gas monitoring equipment and specialized equipment for high angle and confined space rescue operations.

Now, as we celebrate 20 years, we have developed a solid reputation for consistent service and the ability to respond to any emergency with the expertise, knowledge and talent it takes to save lives. Our solid foundation allows for continued growth and expansion of services for decades to come. Once our customers have us on location, they keep us on location.

We attribute our success to our loyal customer base, dedicated team members and an awareness of our social responsibility. We believe as a successful corporation it is our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we serve. We welcome the opportunity to have our qualified team provide our specialized service on your next project. You can count on us for professional coverage.

We don’t just promise, we deliver.