Pandemic Response Services

911 Industrial Response Ltd. wants to help your business and worksites return to normal operation as quickly and safely as possible during Provincial or Federal restrictions.

To help our community thrive in these unprecedented times and restore the Alberta economy, we’re offering our services.

All programs are 100% custom to fit your needs.

Pre Access Screening

  • Pre Screening Questionnaire prior to access (client preferred or 911 IRL built)
  • Remind individuals at this time while testing that if they have a need to cough or sneeze they are using proper coughing techniques then re-sanitizing hands ASAP.
  • Temperature Testing
    Devices Used by 911 IRL Medical Providers are CE & FDA approved:
    • Non-contact IR Thermometer (Braun BNT400CA No touch + forehead & Alpha-MED UFR106)
    •Digital Forehead Thermometers (Device Brand ADC American Diagnostic Corporation)


Location Disinfection Cleaning for Potential infectious Exposed areas
911 Industrial Response personnel have training in proper cleaning and removal of Biohazardous materials. Our cleaning team hold a registered EMR or higher level of care license. We have built our cleaning protocols based from biohazard trauma cleaning and the most current information given by the Public Heath in the Government of Canada regarding infectious diseases.

It’s important to help prevent the spread in high touch surface areas and keep them cleaned regularly. Our crews wipe down and disinfect these surfaces. Door handles, doors, light switches, counter tops, washrooms, data vans, other frac equipment spaces, dog houses, office trailers etc. Every location is customized for cleaning needs. This is an additional step to take above and beyond recommended measures such as hand washing/ sanitizing and safe social distancing, for workers on location.


  • Spray Nine -Disinfects surfaces in 30 secs(doors, handles, counter tops, washrooms and other surfaces)
  • Aerobex Aerosol- Hospital Grade, rapidly kills bacteria and other pathogens on environmental surfaces. Controls mold & mildew and reduces the hazards of cross infections. Fabric, Vents
  • Dyna Quat Plus- Disinfection of hard to kill viruses such as Norwalk and Avian Flu with effective kill on MRSA and VRSA
    Bacterium (doors, handles, counter tops, washrooms other multi surfaces)


Policy and Procedures
We will assist in creating pandemic plan policies and procedures to keep your staff, customers, contractors and vendors safe.


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