Indigenous Partnerships

We are proud of the results of our continued efforts and enjoy valued partnerships within the Peace Region.

Community is wherever people live and work together.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

911 Industrial Response Ltd. recognizes and appreciates the unique qualities, abilities, and diversities of First Nation communities and their relationship with their lands and environment. Where traditional lands or communities are close to or are affected by projects or operations 911 Industrial Response Ltd. is committed to providing greater opportunities for First Nation participation. We do so within our company by providing education and skill development programs.

By working with local educational institutions and First Nation educators we provide education, training, and career guidance. We are focused on improving and enhancing employment and economic opportunities within First Nation communities, as well as providing a heightened presence of skilled community members able to respond to medical emergencies.

The health and well-being of the people and areas we serve

911 Industrial Response Ltd. is devoted to equal opportunities with First Nations becoming a part of our permanent workforce, which encompasses a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

Our management team is culturally sensitive and experienced within First Nation communities, consistently demonstrating genuine care, respect, and concern for the health and well-being of the people and areas we serve. Our Non-Emergent Transport (911 N.E.T.) Program is made available in the local First Nation areas in an effort to increase access to the care and treatment needed for a healthy and prosperous community.