"Community is what you make it...and at 911 Industrial Response Ltd., we want to make a difference."
Tanya Janssens Brewster, Vice President

We believe in setting down roots.

At 911 Industrial Response Ltd., we want to make the communities we service a great place to be, for everybody living there – and especially for families. As a family of five children, I see that the more we give out to the community, the more will come back to all of our children. We’re in this business for the long haul. That’s why we sponsor local sports teams, provide First Aid and medical coverage at local events, and donate resources to community causes.

Friends in need

911 IRL found a large need in the community at Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS), as you may or may not be aware, Disabled Transportation Society(DTS) has dissolved and accessible transportation services have been taken over by the City of Grande Prairie. Before DTS dissolved, they made a number of decisions in an effort to be sustainable. One of those decisions was to suspend transportation to any destination that was not for medical, employment or educational purposes which resulted in them not providing services to and from PARDS. With the City taking over the service, 911 Industrial stepped up and provided a free lease for an accessible bus that now transports PARDS riders that didn't qualify for DTS services. This bus has also allowed access to more volunteers for their program, it gives access to those wanting to give their time but don't have a means of transportation to the facility. Without many volunteer hours or this service, the program would struggle to run.