Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) Unit

To be leaders in quality pre-hospital care and safety services for industry while providing a safe and supportive workplace for our employees.

Choosing unmanned vs on site Medical coverage

Industry trends have moved towards oil companies choosing to provide medical coverage on remote sites based on the 40 minute rule*. With trends in place, precedent has been set for companies to provide medical coverage on location. Should a fatality occur, the question may arise “Where was the medical coverage?” The 40 minute rule accounts for the “Golden Hour” of first response to minimize impact on the patient.

When looking at travel time to a location a person needs to reasonably take into consideration any possible delays such as railroad tracks (industry practice adds 20 mins for each crossing), muddy conditions, road access, construction etc. Consideration must also be given to the fact that the large majority of municipal ambulance.

* The 40 minute rule is that all high hazard industrial sites that are further than 40 minutes from a hospital for a two wheel drive ambulance to respond to location are required to have a means of transportation for the workers that is clean, warm and dry, fits a stretcher and has a means of communication. (Alberta Only)

For locations with lower hazard ratings, worker numbers and travel distance to medical aid, ETV units are the ideal piece of equipment to add on your project.

Each ETV unit exceed all Alberta OH&S requirements:

  • Stretcher kit with three blankets,
  • Splinting kit
  • Spinal immobilization kit
  • Alberta Level 3 First Aid kit
  • Road radio, including AB Ambulance Channel,
  • GPS Tracking system with Cellular to Satellite capabilities
  • Cell Phone with Booster
  • High-quality all-weather tires


Additional Equipment can be added:

  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
    Gives workers onsite the potential to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Utilizing what they have learned in their Standard First Aid Course. Simply lift the lid to turn it on, and follow the voice prompts from the AED.
  • STARS Zone Landing Kit


Insurance Policy

We are the only company insured for ANY licensed driver, regardless of driver history, to be able to drive our vehicles in the event of an emergency. SEF5C is an insurance policy much like a rental company allowing the attendant to provide the lifesaving care in the back of the MTC and allowing any licensed driver on location to initiate transport to the hospital. This mitigates delays in transporting the patient, as every second counts.


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