To be leaders in quality pre-hospital care and safety services for industry while providing a safe and supportive workplace for our employees.

Professional Investigators

A trained, and licensed, 911 IRL Professional Investigator is available to supplement our existing security team. Unlike most security companies, our Investigators are included in the cost of our other services to help take the stress of corresponding with the RCMP and competing reports off of you, so you can focus on your business.

Professional investigators are also available for investigations regarding:

  • Crimes and allegations
  • Causes of accidents, injuries, and
  • property damage
  • Activities and conduct of individuals
  • Location of property
  • Location of persons


These investigations may be for reasons such as:

  • Private family matters
  • Allegations of insurance or other financial fraud
  • Locating stolen property or financial assets
  • Searching for missing persons
  • Investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, or human rights violations in the workplace
  • Investigating incidents of internal theft of property, data, or other assets.


Due to the sensitive and unique nature of all investigations, each client is given tailored options regarding their needs, and all possible solutions are discussed before a contract is drafted and agreed upon by both parties.

Mobile Patrol Units

A trained, uniformed, and licensed 911 IRL Security Professional in a dedicated security unit (Ford F-150) able to quickly respond in the event of an alarm, provide a visible deterrence to individuals possibly “casing” an area, and deter any unlawful behavior in the area assigned.

Mobile patrol units are an invaluable, cost-efficient, and effective way to deter vandalism, theft, and any other unlawful behavior in a wide area. A roving unit can perform multiple patrols per shift for multiple properties in an area. They also provide a rapid response role and can canvas a very large area in a fraction of the time required of a static guard.

In the event that a break-in or vandalism is discovered either by the mobile guard, or the property owners, 911 IRL will dispatch a licensed Professional Investigator to survey the scene, compile reports from associated guards, compile any security footage, and complete the report with the RCMP. The detail of these investigations gives the greatest possible likelihood that any stolen property is found, and those responsible are charged.


Mobile Patrol Units

  • Area-specific roving units providing visible deterrence and strong security presence for both individual properties, and in the entire area, they are posted.
  • Complete patrols of business’, from checking fence lines and ensure that all external doors and gates are secured, to completing a walkthrough of the business, checking all internal doors are closed, no unauthorized persons are present, and the building itself is safe.
  • Provides a very strong visible presence on the property and in the area that breaking in, vandalizing, or stealing is not worth the risk.


Alarm Response

  • Able to set-up 911 IRL as your designated alarm response in the event of an after-hours alarm through your current service provider.
  • 911 IRL Security Professionals will respond to the alarm, walk the exterior, and interior of the property, and check for any damage, vandalism, or signs of forced entry


After Hours Dispatch

  • In the event of a lock-out, after-hours emergency, or any other situation that requires a physical presence on location can be attended to by a mobile supervisor. Preventing clients from having to respond to the property late at night and reducing response times considerably.

Stationed Guards

A trained, uniformed and licensed 911 IRL Security Professional can be posted to any location or event to ensure access control, provide a feeling of security for your team, deter unlawful behavior, enforce safety policy compliance, and serve as an “expert witness” in the event of an incident. Static Security Professionals are invaluable assets in all retail locations, banks, parking facilities, and any other high-profile area, or zones with a high crime rate. All 911 IRL Security professionals are trained in COVID-19 screening procedures which are available to all of our clients.

Posted Guards

  • Guards are dedicated to business, property, or multiple properties and businesses within an area.
  • On-site at all times during the hours stipulated in the contract.
  • Provide access control, ensuring only authorized individuals are in restricted areas, and able to assist customers with directions and basic information regarding the property and personnel.
  • Available to escort personnel to and from their vehicles if they feel unsafe to do so by themselves.
  • Complete regular patrols of all access points, hallways, common areas, and secured areas to ensure doors are locked as required, no unauthorized personnel are present, and deter unlawful behavior.


Lease Road Security

  • Stationed on oilfield utilized roads in a shack or vehicle providing uninterrupted coverage during all hours stipulated in the contract.
  • Able to monitor and report road traffic, or complete security sign-in/out as required by the client.
  • Optional speed sign available to aid in monitoring safe driving practices.


Event Security

  • Provide a visible security presence during concerts, special events, sporting events, or any other occasion.
  • Deter unlawful behavior.
  • Provide access control to restricted and “offlimit” areas.
  • Remove persons from the property as needed and required by client policy, and law.
  • Provide VIP safety.


Camp Security

  • Multiple guards posted to a worksite camp.
  • Able to monitor and ensure access control.
  • Deter unlawful behavior.
  • Complete regularly scheduled, or constant patrols of property and area.


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