Gas Detection

To be leaders in quality pre-hospital care and safety services for industry while providing a safe and supportive workplace for our employees.

Detect a wide range of potential toxic atmospheres at your worksite

OTIS GEN2 32 Channel Non-Explosion Proof Hybrid Monitor
The OTIS System can be used to detect combustible, flammable, toxic gases, and oxygen depletion. This type of device is used widely in industry and can be found in locations, such as on Drilling Rigs, Completions locations, Facility or Plant projects, and Forestry projects.

The OTIS device detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of the worksite’s emergency response plan. In the event of a gas release, a siren or air horn and light bar enter an audio and visual alarm state to alert workers of a dangerous environment and grant them the time needed to evacuate.

Wireless sensors make it easy for our technicians to assist you with customization for the quantity required, the type of sensors, and the style of visual and auditory alarm.

Telemetry Options
Our systems run RDANA Technology. It provides a complete 24/7 remote monitoring by satellite, mapping, data logging and alarm notification solution for controllers and sensors. This gives our Safety Team automatic data logging of gas release alarms and battery voltages.

If requested we can provide logs from any specified time frame, which can be crucial in the event of an industry incident or gas release.

Additional Detection Equipment


Personal Monitors:

  • Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus
  • Single Gas Clip Plus


Continuous atmospheric pump monitor

  • BW Max XT
  • RKI Eagle


Alarm Systems

  • Electric Siren alarm & strobe Lights
  • Air Horn alarm & strobe Lights
  • Stand Alone Alarm (Solar System)

* Includes: 1 Air Horn, 1- Solar Panel Battery system, Tripod with wind sock, strobe light, Activation switch on a wireless system

Whether it’s the hottest or the coldest environment, our Gas detection equipment is designed and tested to provide worker safety in the harshest working conditions.


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