Gas Detection

To be leaders in quality pre-hospital care and H2S safety services for industry while providing a safe and supportive workplace for our employees.

Detect a wide range of toxic gases

We utilize the OTIS GEN II Model OI-6900 Explosion-Proof Ambient Air Toxic Gas Detector (Sensor). It is designed to detect a wide range of toxic gases in potentially hazardous environments. The Sensor features non-intrusive magnetic switches that allow for complete system configuration, without opening the enclosure and breaking the seal of the enclosure, thereby compromising the explosion-proof rating of the device.

The Sensor continuously monitors the gas level of the surrounding environment and reports once every minute, the reporting rate will increase to once every five seconds when the detected gas is above the Relay Value Set point. When the gas level drops below the set point the reporting rate will return to once every minute.

We can also supply the telemetry technology that allows you to receive instant text or email when there is a gas release or low battery level.


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